10 out of 10! All Ideal Candidates Elected!

The results are in and the Town Council election could not have gone better for Ideal Bradford: all ten of our candidates were elected.

We would very much like to thank all of our volunteers and supporters, and the electors of Bradford on Avon, for providing us with a decisive mandate for positive change in this election. We are delighted that the time and effort everyone has put in has been rewarded, and that Ideal Bradford councillors will hold 10 of the 12 seats on the next Bradford on Avon Town Council.

We would like to invite Bradford on Avon residents to attend the first meeting of the new Town Council on May 15th, where we will be making proposals to radically change the way the Town Council is structured. These will aim to ensure that it can work effectively and efficiently, and represent the needs and interests of all residents.

We’ll post some photos from the count over the next few days, but for now we’re going to celebrate! Thanks again, and here’s to an Ideal future for Bradford on Avon.