Promoting Biodiversity – resolution going to Council 2nd June

Letting nature take its course.

Many of you will have noticed, over the last 10 weeks, that the natural world seemed to resurge in Bradford, and elsewhere. Trees, grassland and plants supporting species back into areas of the town which suddenly had a chance to thrive.

Unfortunately that turned out to be transient in many areas - the return of Wiltshire Council contractors saw many of those places 'tidied up'; or, with the hot weather, turned arid.

A resolution for the future

On Tuesday 2nd June, Dom and Alex will be laying a resolution to change that - as the Town Council takes on ownership or management of 180 square kilometres of verge, field and hedgerow in the town, now is the chance to fix it, and to bed in the principle of biodiversity for the future.

We are arguing for cessation of mowing in designated places and ending use of chemical weedkillers, with all areas covered by a new biodiversity management plan, which will promote natural regrowth, supported by an evidence-base that will help identify and track species.

That is hugely important for tackling the Climate Emergency, and, as we've seen recently, can also help improve well-being through access to beautiful outside spaces. It can even drive economic recovery, bringing eco-tourists to the area.