About Ideal Bradford

We want to change the way Bradford on Avon is run. We want our Town Council to be more engaged with the people who live here, more open about what it does, and to be more efficient and effective.

Ideal Bradford is a group of independently-minded local people that will stand in the May 2017 Town Council elections. We believe that we need a huge change in our local decision-making – and party politics gets in the way of getting the best for Bradford on Avon.

We will produce a four-year plan for making Bradford on Avon the best it can be – for the people who live and work here and for our visitors.

To understand the challenges facing our town, and to formulate effective responses, we’re consulting with local residents and groups in a series of policy forums. Larger public meetings will follow, and we will be out and about talking to people about the local issues that matter most to them. We want to hear your view, so please have your say and make sure that you join the mailing list to hear about public events and keep up to date with the campaign.

We don’t have a party position on national political issues. We just want the best for Bradford on Avon, and to make it easier for our community to make itself heard. Party politics have long impeded our town’s progress, development and democracy, and we think it’s time for a change. We come from varied backgrounds and we have a broad range of perspectives, but we’re united in our commitment to our town and our belief in positive change for the whole community.