Annual Town Council Meeting: May 15th — all welcome

Please come along to the annual Bradford on Avon Town Council meeting, 7pm on Monday 15th May at the Youth Centre next to Fitzmaurice School off Frome Road.

This event is hosted by the Town Council, including our Lib Dem colleagues Jennie Parker and Jim Lynch.

As your newly-elected Ideal candidates, we’d love to meet you, hear your views and improve active engagement in our town’s democratic system.

If you can let us know if you’d like to come along by confirming your attendance on Facebook, we’d be grateful, just so we have an idea of numbers. Please feel free to share and spread the word.

More information:

​This is the annual Town Council meeting. Town Councils are required by law to hold an annual meeting to elect the Chair, and to set everything up so that council can get on with its important work over the next four years.

Ideal Bradford will be proposing significant changes to committee structures, and a number of changes to the ‘Standing Orders’, which are the rules by which the Town Council runs. This is our first opportunity to start making changes to the system.

On Monday evening, working with our Lib Dem colleagues Jim and Jennie, we’ll do the following:

– elect the Mayor, who also Chairs town council meetings (all councillors will vote on this)
– elect the Vice-Chair (again, this is a vote for all councillors)
– go through various formal and legal proceedings to set up the council ready to start running the town
– agree the future structure of the council and its committees (this is something we’ve pledged to streamline as part of our manifesto)
– agree the minutes of the last Town Council meeting
– revise the Standing Orders, which are the rules by which the Town Council operates (this will help us to be able to manage the Town Council more efficiently)

If you’d like to speak, we’re bound by the ‘old’ rules so there will be limited time for contributions from the public at the start. We’re hoping to change this, to involve local folk better- and easier- at future meetings.

We look forward to seeing some of you there, and if you can’t make this meeting don’t worry. We’ll publicise future meetings and how you can get involved as we start to agree any changes.