Biodiversity at heart

We are delighted to confirm that Town Councillors supported, on a 10 to 1 (abstention) basis the resolution laid by Dom and Alex to place Biodiversity at the heart of management of Town Council green spaces.   The resolution, which was amended in the meeting by IB Councillor Tom Lomax to include banning council use … Read more

Promoting Biodiversity – resolution going to Council 2nd June

Letting nature take its course. Many of you will have noticed, over the last 10 weeks, that the natural world seemed to resurge in Bradford, and elsewhere. Trees, grassland and plants supporting species back into areas of the town which suddenly had a chance to thrive. Unfortunately that turned out to be transient in many … Read more

Becky Addy Wood saved for future generations

IB Councillors have today successfully led plans to purchase Becky Addy Wood on behalf of the town.  The move, funded jointly with Friends of Becky Addy Wood and the Preservation Trust, with promises of further support from the local Area Board, provides protection for the area, which has been a popular alternative route to Avoncliff … Read more

A thank you. And a plea.

Without being rhetorical, we are in unprecedented times. Not since the Second World War – and never in peace time – has a government needed to take such swingeing measures to address a national emergency. The closure of social businesses like pubs and restaurants, government stepping in to ensure wages can be paid, the closure … Read more

2020 precept announced

IB Councillors have backed a small increase in the Town Council precept this year, in preparation for taking on a swathe of new places, spaces and services from Wiltshire Council in mid-2020, as well as supporting actions around the Climate Emergency and Youth Services. In a statement to the Town Council, Dom said: “Members are … Read more

Green Homes event

Councillor Alex Kay, author of the Town Council’s Climate Emergency declaration, hosted a Green Homes event on Jan 23rd, welcoming guest speakers from a renewable energy and environmental design companies to St. Margaret’s Hall as part of a Town Council event. The event, which was attended by around 75 residents, explored ways that houses can … Read more