Becky Addy Wood saved for future generations

IB Councillors have today successfully led plans to purchase Becky Addy Wood on behalf of the town.  The move, funded jointly
with Friends of Becky Addy Wood and the Preservation Trust, with promises of further support from the local Area Board, provides protection for the area, which has been a popular alternative route to Avoncliff for generations of Bradfordians.

The Historic Ancient Woodland, first mentioned in Anglo-Saxon records from the first millennia CE, is home to a range of protected and ancient species.

Alex, who worked closely with FoBAW and Council Officers to bring the scheme forward, said:

“I am very proud and inspired to have worked with the community to acquire Becky Addy Wood. People from across the area, including Westwood, Turleigh, Avoncliff and Bradford on Avon, have united with one aim: to protect the wood in perpetuity. This fits in with efforts to tackle the  Climate Emergency and developing our Green Space Management Strategy which has maximising biodiversity at its very heart.  Becky Addy Wood is a beautiful stretch of woodland, full of wildflowers and birdsong. Along with all of our green spaces, it provides a place for those seeking solace and renewal, not just in the current circumstances, but long into the future.”

Dom, who supported the move through the Environment Committee and Council, said:

“The Town Council has acted swiftly to support a largely community effort to assemble the majority of the funds needed to acquire and safeguard the future of Becky Addy Wood.  The decision recognises that, while our town boundary may end on a line on a map, our responsibility as custodians of green spaces that our residents use, in and around the town, does not.  We look forward to working with Friends of Becky Addy Wood and others to establish a management plan, to protect and nurture them for the future.”