Biodiversity at heart

We are delighted to confirm that Town Councillors supported, on a 10 to 1 (abstention) basis the resolution laid by Dom and Alex to place Biodiversity at the heart of management of Town Council green spaces.


The resolution, which was amended in the meeting by IB Councillor Tom Lomax to include banning council use of peat-based composts, commits the council to revising mowing patterns and eliminating use of chemical weedkillers (other than in truly exceptional circumstances) across the town.

It also provides for the commissioning of a biodiversity survey, which will take place this year, to provide baseline data supporting a management plan – and, following comments from Councillors and members of the public, it will also provide the basis of an information and education programme, to be funded separately.

We are immensely proud to have brought this resolution forward – though it is also overdue, in terms of our debt to the species and habitats we all enjoy.