Votes Being Counted — Results Coming Soon

The votes in the Town Council election are being counted at the Civic Centre in Trowbridge today, with results for Bradford on Avon expected sometime in the mid to late afternoon. We will anounce the results here, and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds as soon as we have them. Thank you once again for […]

Ideal Bradford manifesto and posters

A Manifesto for BoA

This is the Ideal Bradford manifesto for the Town Council election on May 4th, based on public feedback since December 2016. It lays out our commitments to the electorate, a little bit about our candidates, and the principles and values that we believe set us apart. Click here to open the manifesto in your browser. […]

It’s time for a change. We can all be a part of it.

On May 4th we have an opportunity to make a real difference to how Bradford on Avon is run. To lead the Town Council with enthusiasm and with fresh skills. To improve its relationship with our communities, businesses, surrounding towns and with Wiltshire Council. To make sure that the whole of our town is given […]

Landing soon: watch out for our leaflets!

This week, every household in Bradford on Avon should get a leaflet all about Ideal Bradford landing on the doormat. On the back, there’s a space for you to have your say about what an Ideal Bradford Town Council should do: drop them into shops and businesses with the “Your Vote” symbol in the window. […]