Ideal Bulletin — 22nd September

Ideal Bradford Bulletin — 22nd September 2017

Dom Newton talks about the overwhelming YES vote in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum and the possibility of a legal challenge to the Plan, and looks forward to a new round of policy forums and a localism symposium in the new year.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Results

We've Got A *Neighbourhood* Plan — Vote YES on September 20th

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan has been passed with an overwhelming vote in favour. Of the 2651 votes cast, 2510 were in support of the Plan, a majority of 94.68%. Turnout was also better than normal for this type of vote — at 33% it was higher … Read more

Referendum Day! Remember to Vote!

We've Got A *Neighbourhood* Plan — Vote YES on September 20th

It’s the day of the Neighbourhood Plan referendum! Polls are open until 10pm today, Wednesday 20th September. Please make sure you vote ‘Yes’ for adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan. You do not need your polling card to vote. You can also hand in your postal vote at any polling station if you’ve not managed to … Read more