Policy paper: Green spaces

As you head out to enjoy the great outdoors, we thought it a perfect time to share with you what Ideal Bradford have achieved so far when it comes to the green spaces in Bradford on Avon, and what we hope to continue to do. Under our leadership, the Town Council has taken on many areas in the town, worked to understand how they can be improved, and then got on with the job – something we hope to continue.

Policy paper: Supporting a vibrant town

Ideal Bradford have worked hard to support the incredible range of businesses that provide the economic foundation of our town. There’s also so much that we still want to do, which we’ve outlined for you in this paper.

Policy paper: Nurturing our environment

Following last night’s hustings, hosted by Climate Friendly Bradford On Avon, and lots of conversations with our fantastic group of candidates, we’re please to offer our policy paper on Nurturing our environment.

Policy paper: Making your voice heard

Making local democracy work better for the whole town was a primary reason for the creation of Ideal Bradford at the end of 2016. This policy paper outlines what we’ve changed, and what we’ll aim to do next.

Community Meeting #1 — Winter 2017

Representing the whole community Town Club, above ‘The Stumble Inn’, Market Street 8 – 9.30pm, Thu 16th November 2017 — Attendees: 22   This was the first of Ideal Bradford’s ‘café style’ community meetings, designed to engage with people in a relaxed environment. In this session, we wanted to explore ideas of how Ideal Bradford can … Read more

Representing the WHOLE Community

Thursday 16th November The Bradford Club, Market Street, Bradford on Avon 20:00 – 21:30 This is the first in a new series of public forums for the community to put their thoughts to Ideal Bradford on a whole range of issues. This one is about how we represent you. It’s a gathering of different community … Read more