It’s time for a change. We can all be a part of it.

On May 4th we have an opportunity to make a real difference to how Bradford on Avon is run. To lead the Town Council with enthusiasm and with fresh skills. To improve its relationship with our communities, businesses, surrounding towns and with Wiltshire Council. To make sure that the whole of our town is given a meaningful role to play in the decisions we need to make.

Who are we?

Ideal Bradford is a team of residents standing for election to Bradford on Avon Town Council. We use the same shops, pubs, schools and roads that you use. We are involved in the same organisations, have the same frustrations with the same old way of doing things, and the same desire for effective local leadership.

What does Ideal Bradford stand for?

We will focus solely on the needs of our town and the people who live here.

We don’t have to toe a party line, or make sure an MP or Wiltshire Councillor gets – or stays – elected. Our interest is solely in doing our best for the town.

We will change the way the Town Council works with residents.

We will use our broad experience from our professional and community backgrounds to engage you in meaningful conversations, open up meetings, and offer new ways for you to be involved in decisions from an early stage – not just offer you a vote at the end. Our Town Councillors will be involved, available and visible.

We will bring enthusiasm, creativity and expertise to decision-making.

Ideal Bradford will bring innovative, low-cost and no-cost ideas to bear on long-term issues, working with Wiltshire Council better to secure permanent solutions – particularly on key areas such as pedestrian safety, transit around the town, and the environment. We will work to sustain the heritage of the town, and maintain and improve the places and spaces that we all use for recreation and events.

Our candidates – Dom Newton, Simon McNeill-Ritchie, Mike Roberts, Laurie Brown, Emma Franklin, Alex Kay, Steve Plummer, Tom Lomax, Dan Taylor and Dave Garwood – make this commitment to you: we will use our best efforts on your behalf to get the best possible outcome for the town.

Why change?

We know that not everything is an easy fix. We are all experienced people who are used to working against budget and time constraints. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. Just because it is new, doesn’t mean it won’t work.

If you vote for the same old thing, you get the same old outcome.

Vote for Ideal Bradford candidates on May 4th – let’s make a real change.