Jes & Emma: two more Ideal 2021 candidates announced

We’re very pleased to be able to announce our next two candidates standing for Bradford on Avon Town Council at the local election in May.
Please meet…

Jes Wire. Jes has been an environmentalist for many years, and has now retired after working for the Office for National Statistics on social surveys. Since moving to Bradford on Avon from Surrey, via Frome, he’s become hugely active in our local community and brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and action to the Ideal Bradford team.
He volunteers with various climate, environmental and cultural organisations in Bradford on Avon and beyond: too many to list! He’s extremely proud to have been involved with climate and ecological issues since 1986, and he’s keen to keep on campaigning, making Bradford brighter, greener and more sustainable for generations to come.

And Emma Franklin. Raised in Bradford, Emma loves our town and has deep roots in its community. She understands what makes our town tick and has brought this passion and understanding to her hard work as a councillor for the past four years.
Emma’s an experienced professional retail manager and local business owner with a strong working understanding of how important interpersonal relationships are in making organisations run well and achieve the best they can. She's especially interested in opening up local democracy, young people’s participation and environmental issues.

We’ll be announcing more candidates in the run-up to the election, and watch this space for details of an online gathering where you can get to meet our candidates in person.

Jes and Emma – your friends, your neighbours, and your vote on May 6th.

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