Kate & Dom: the final Ideal 2021 candidates announced

We're excited to announce the final two Ideal Bradford candidates standing for Bradford on Avon Town Council at the local election on 6th May.
Please meet…

Kate Bessant (Candidate, South Ward)
With a background in retail management spanning stylish Bristol independents and high-street giants, Kate now works in sales and communications for a local ceramics designer.
She has lived in Bradford on Avon for twelve years, happy that she and her husband have been able to raise their children, now teenagers, in such a strong small-town community.
A volunteer for The Hub, Kate is driven to find other ways to help people in the area to overcome the challenges of poverty, and she sees stimulating the local job market through support for businesses as one important part of that.
Whether paddle-boarding, wild swimming, digging the veg patch or just enjoying a relaxing stroll, a love for Bradford’s glorious outdoors is at the heart of Kate’s environmental motivation. She’s keen to involve secondary school children like her own in the conservation and sustainability work of Ideal Bradford and the Town Council, and to help secure the future of the old golf course as a green space for the whole community of our town.
“A vibrant and well supported town centre is the beating heart of any town. I am passionate about independent retail, and want to continue the work of the Council to support the diversity of business in Bradford.”
And Dom Newton (Candidate, North Ward)
Dom is a senior information rights professional with 20 years' experience working with community and charity projects. His two young sons go to Christ Church School and play in Bradford on Avon youth football, rugby and cricket teams.
Dom is the Chair of Trustees for the local 'Floaty Boat' charity, which supports live-aboard boaters and promotes understanding between the boater and land-based communities.
Dom has been Leader of the Town Council since 2017, and has led on various initiatives from creating the town’s first ever Youth Strategy and writing our Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy, to Biodiversity and Wildlife Protection policies and modernising the Town Council's systems and processes. He's particularly pleased that his sterling DIY work, building the GROW project boxes out of reclaimed wood, has helped a great COVID response project that's proven a real hit!
Dom's initial focus for a second term will be to complete the skatepark project, improve electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and to make sure that more of the public are able to get involved with our local democracy and decision-making.
“I’m really proud of all that Ideal Bradford has achieved since 2017 – but there is more work to do. Our lovely town needs a Town Council that can be relied upon to work hard both with and for it, to meet new challenges, and head into the next four years able and ready to act on its behalf.”

All twelve Ideal Bradford candidates have now been announced! You can meet the team at our online launch on 8th April

Kate and Dom - your friends, your neighbours, and your vote on May 6th.