Mat & Simon: two more Ideal 2021 candidates announced

Today is Good Friday and we have some good news to share as we announce our next two candidates standing for Bradford on Avon Town Council at the local election in May.
Please meet…

Matthew Hubbard (Candidate, North Ward).
Matthew is a Bradford on Avon resident of over 21 years, living here with his family including his children who attended local schools.
As an engineer and director of a local automotive engineering business, Matthew has significant international involvement in developing active safety technologies which make transport safer for everybody. He currently works in advisory roles with numerous technology start-up businesses.
Matthew is an active member and the Treasurer of Bradford on Avon Rowing Club. He is passionate about securing the future of Bradford on Avon’s commercial centre as well as encouraging sustainable transportation.
“I’ve lived, worked, and socialised in Bradford on Avon for over 21 years and I’m extremely fond of our town. If elected, I’ll use my engineering background to help our community develop and adapt to the changing world we live in”
And Simon McNeill-Ritchie (Candidate, North Ward).
Mayor of Braford on Avon for the last two years, Simon has worked on a wide range of community projects, bringing together community volunteers, and raising over £115,000 in grants for town projects.
Simon played a leading role in bringing Culver sports field and Sladesbrook Park and allotments into Town Council control, and organised the Countdown to Peace commemoration events for the centenary of the end of the First World War. He also led the analysis of traffic flow data in the town as part of the KERB report and consultation. He is a Community Emergency Volunteer, and was part of the team that repaired the Avoncliff Weir.
An award-winning social entrepreneur and former British Diplomat, Simon is experienced in complex negotiations and working with competing interests to find positive results for all.
“I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved over the past four years. We’ve got a lot more to give, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do even more over the next four.”

We’ll be announcing more candidates soon and you can meet them all at our online launch on 8th April.

Mat and Simon – your friends, your neighbours, and your vote on May 6th.

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