Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Results

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan has been passed with an overwhelming vote in favour.

Of the 2651 votes cast, 2510 were in support of the Plan, a majority of 94.68%. Turnout was also better than normal for this type of vote — at 33% it was higher than many local election votes, and given the this is the third major vote in the town this year (oh, and on an 80-page planning document), the turnout was actually very welcome — thank you all for doing your democratic duty!

The vote places us in a strong position for the next few years, and allows us the time and space to work with you all, and the wider town, on a whole range of issues, including transport, youth services, and transfer of services from Wiltshire Council. It also provides a strong basis to defend the Plan against the upcoming legal challenge.

In the meantime, thank you so very much for all your help and support—and in particular the leafleters, designers and new paying members who have all joined the campaign in the last few weeks.

Your job now is to work with our 10 elected members to shape our decisions and hold us to account. We have the first piece in the jigsaw—let’s complete it.