The Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan may seem like a dry document, but it’s probably the most important decision the town will take for the next decade. It will affect how Bradford on Avon develops over the next 20-30 years.

It’s not just a planning document – it talks about community spaces, a sustainable local economy, and key areas like pedestrian safety and parking.

The plan itself has gone through consultation over four years. It has been prepared by local people, including town councillors and representatives of community groups, and it has involved talking to the public, planning experts and others to work out what the town needs.

The Neighbourhood Plan is the first piece in a jigsaw that will allow our Town Council and local Wiltshire Councillors to make more progress in other areas such as traffic, youth services, the environment and sports facilities.

The town voted overwhelmingly for the Plan to come into effect on the 20th of September, with 94.68% of votes cast in favour. However, there is the possibility of a legal challenge by a landowner who wants to sell his land to developers. For the latest information, keep an eye on our news feed, our Twitter and Facebook pages and the Facebook page of the We’ve Got A Plan campaign.

Reasons we Voted YES on September 20th

Conservation and design: The Plan helps to protect the unique character of the town so that it can be enjoyed by everyone, residents and tourists alike.

Housing for all: The Plan restricts any further large developments in the town until at least 2026, but also allows the town to accept small infill projects and prioritise affordable housing if needed.

Economy and enterprise: The Plan helps to keep commercial and employment space in the town, providing jobs and a sustainable local economy; it will help banish the notion that Bradford on Avon is a ‘dormitory town’

Green spaces and biodiversity: The Plan directly protects seven named green spaces in the town from development, and provides stronger protection to others.

Community and wellbeing: The Plan promotes community facilities like sports fields, allotments and leisure areas, protecting the spaces that we all use, and allowing us to create more

Transport and traffic: The Plan places pedestrian safety, and safe walking and cycling routes, at the heart of any future development. It protects parking spaces in Bradford on Avon and protects and promotes more public rights of way.

Copies of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found in various locations around town, including the Library and Town Council offices, and you can read it online here.