Paige Balas

Paige Balas steps up for South Ward

Following Steve Plummer’s resignation from the Town Council, it’s very likely that there will be a by-election for the vacant seat in South Ward.  It’s not yet confirmed – 10 or more electors from the ward have to request election.  If an election isn’t called, the remaining 11 Town Councillors can mutually agree a candidate to fill the vacant seat.

Our candidate – Paige Balas

Whether there is an election or decision to co-opt, we are very pleased to introduce our candidate for the vacancy, confirmed by members and councillors at a recent meeting.

Many of you will know Paige from her work with the Preservation Trust, Clean Up Bradford (CLUB), the Women’s 100 or even the Skatepark project – it’s fair to say she’s been hugely involved in the community!

About Paige

Working for the community has always been part of Paige’s life.
An American by birth, she came to the UK in 2001 and became a British citizen in 2014.
With a corporate business background, Paige spent her spare time volunteering with children with special needs, and as a tutor for underprivileged young people. This experience has shaped her broad view of public service and volunteering.
“I want to work to help make our town fully inclusive.  I’d like to help everyone who lives here feel valued and that we all work together to make Bradford on Avon the best town it can be.

This means different things to different people.  Some place the physical make-up of the town very high on their list, while others are more focused on community and environmental issues. By working together, we can address issues across this spectrum.”

Paige has been involved with Ideal Bradford since the initial election in 2017. Dom Newton, Leader of Ideal Bradford, says;

“Paige is a brilliant candidate. Her involvement in so many projects within the town already demonstrates her considerable commitment, and she would be a wonderful addition to the Town Council.  Two years into this process, we’re making huge progress across many areas, from environment to youth policy, and we very much hope that Paige will join us to add her own expertise.

“Paige definitely represents our key values: to serve the public and community interest, never with personal gain in mind, whether financial or in terms of political advancement for themselves or others; and to serve all the people of Bradford on Avon irrespective of their political views. We’re really excited to be able to support her as our candidate”.