Tom Lomax

Tom Lomax, Ideal BradfordTom is a land rights lawyer for an international charity, helping communities in Liberia, Kenya and Uganda to stand up to governments and companies seeking to take their ancestral lands. It may seem a million miles from a town in Wiltshire, but Tom believes local people should be the ones in the driving seat when it comes to looking after the place they live and the people they share it with – no matter the context.

In previous work he has litigated cases against city and district councils as well as central government, as a legal aid lawyer representing clients struggling with housing and other problems.

Tom is keen to use his experience in public law to improve community participation in well-made decisions in Bradford on Avon. He was drawn to standing as a way of using his skills for the better of the place where he, his wife and two young sons are now settled.

“I love Bradford’s healthy independent spirit, and the fact that people really care about where they live.
I want to help more residents here have a voice in decision-making that affects our town – they’re the best people for the job.”